Introduction of Extracurricular Section

Based on the concept of holistic education, we train our students to develop a global perspective, as well as to be experts in languages skills. We follow the idea “Respect individuals, embrace differences, inspire potentials, for “.

In order to have our students possess the characteristics of “3L”, which is the motto of Wenzao meaning Life, Language, and Leadership, this department practices our students by giving them various activities related to 3L so that the students can not only experience 3L in class but also in extracurricular activities.


Find one’s personality, specialty, and interest by extracurricular activities and improve the quality of life, and then the ability and attitude to life.


Practice language skills by involving extracurricular activities and then make language skills become powerful in interacting with and helping others.


Realize the spirit of teamwork and the perspective of service and leadership. Be able to implement what one has learned from leadership to the world.